Multiple Market Wireless Solutions

Whether you own and operate ATMs, vending machines, point-of-sale systems, kiosks, jukeboxes or digital signs, AOS Wireless has a wireless communications option for you.

A wireless solution for all of your wireless needs!

We help enable revenue streams across different markets for our customers in a wide range of geographical locations, including mobile applications that require relocation to maximize our customers' profits. Our products are highly versatile and can support multiple devices without reconfiguration or complicated installation.

wireless communications solutions for ATMs


Automated Teller Machines (ATM) rely on network access to perform transactions. This connectivity is required to verify account information and communicate effectively with the appropriate bank in order to provide account inquiries, cash withdrawals and other functions.

Solutions from AOS Wireless offer faster transaction times, higher customer satisfaction and better transaction security. Wireless options allow more versatile machine placement options, as well.

wireless communications for point of sale

Point of Sale (POS)

Wireless connectivity can provide faster, more secure transactions for POS terminals - as well as provide more flexibility for check out locations within the establishment. Some solutions can even handle more than one device - making wireless that much easier for businesses with more than one POS, digital signage, ATMs or other equipment requiring communication services.

wireless communications for vending and kiosks

Kiosks & Vending Machines

The key to proper kiosk and vending machine placement is versatility - allowing advantageous placement to maximize visibility and use. Limiting these devices to available wall space with proximity to an appropriate internet connection can have a visible effect on revenues.

Wireless provides the ability for proper placement of kiosks and vending units - with the benefit of faster, more secure communications.

wireless communications for digital signs

Digital Signs

Video, sound and updated, custom content are just a few the benefits to digital signs. These displays are popping up in public spaces all over the world from retailers to transit systems to government institutions and more. However, just like most recent technology, the systems rely on electricity and internet connectivity to operate properly.

Wireless communications provide these digital message boards with a reliable connection as well as the versatility to be placed where they can receive maximum exposure.