AOS Wireless Has the Right Products with the Right Service for All Your Wireless Needs.


Wireless technology is the future of communication for payments, ATMs, kiosk and communication. Implementing wireless in your business puts you a step ahead of your competitors and positions you to take advantage of changing and improving technology.

Why Go Wireless?

  • Freedom - Place your ATMs, kiosks, signs, POS terminals and other devices anywhere in your footprint without the added hassle of lining up with an internet wall connect or long cords.
  • Savings - Reduce reliance on the big communications companies to lower your monthly telecommunications costs.
  • Security - Wireless gateways use the latest standards for SSL encryption for higher levels of security than traditional communication options.
  • Speed - AOS Wireless provides the latest in wireless technology, using the fastest networks available to increase transaction speeds...providing communication at less than half the speed of dial-up.
  • Simplicity - No need to call in a communications company technician. Our wireless solutions are "plug and play".


There are several options for wireless communications options. It is important to select the product to best fit your needs.

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Wireless communications is an expanding technology - growing to meet the needs of many different markets. 

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