Hercules +

Wireless connectivity for IP and Dial-up ATMs, unlike off-the-shelf generic wireless routers, the Hercules is purposefully designed and produced in North America for ATM usage.

Serious About Security: DPL is a PCI-DSS Level 1 service provider. DPL's network architecture ensures multi-layered encryption between the Hercules and ATM processors.

EMV and DCC Proven: The Hercules has been reliably processing EMV and DCC transactions for years.

Remote ATM Management: Remotely manage your ATMs using your favorite 2-Way/RMS software.

Net Reliability: Geographically redundant data centers that maintain 99.99% uptime* while handling over 100 million connections yearly to ATM processors.

*Excluding wireless provider outages and planned maintenance.


Hercules ATM Restart: Save the expense of travel and lost transactions when your ATM requires a restart with our optional Hercules ATM Restart accessory. Remotely reboot your ATM from your PC or smartphone.

Hercules ATM Protector: Monitor your ATMs 24/7 with the optional Hercules Protector accessory. You will be alerted by email or text message when an ATM's power is disconnected, an ATM is tilted or an ATM's door is opened.

About DPL

DPL connects you with your world and it's data. We simplify all aspects of managing connected things. At DPL, you are the center of our world.

DPL is driven by a clear narrative: "No Rules. Just Results." Putting that into practice means that we don't settle for doing things the way everybody else does.

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